Benevolence Ministry:   This ministry works directly with those people who have physical needs which they are unable to provide for themselves. It seeks to determine the nature of needs and to provide food, clothing, and shelter as resources permit.   Back to Ministries Page

Park Place Nursing Home Singing Ministry:  On the third Tuesday of each month, a group from Houston Park, including both children and adults, meets at 6:30 PM at Park Place Nursing home to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with the residents.  This ministry is coordinated by a deacon (Houston Park's regular song director).  This event is anticipated each month both by Park Place residents and those from Houston Park who participate.   Back to Ministries Page

Care and Share Ministry:  This ministry is designed to provide an opportunity for members to get together and confidentially discuss personal problems they experience and to obtain the support, encouragement, and prayers of other Christians.  The ministry is coordinated by a deacon and a professional counselor who is a member of the congregation.  This ministry meets on the second Sunday of each month at 4:30 PM.   Back to Ministries Page 

Intercessory Prayer Ministry:   A general prayer list is published and updated regularly, and all members of the Houston Park church are encouraged to pray daily for those on the list.  In addition to these daily prayer efforts, the Outreach Prayer Ministry provides an opportunity for members of the Houston Park church to meet once per month and to pray for those who are not Christians, those members who are not active in their service to Christ, and those members who need encouragement.  The Intercessory Prayer Ministry meeting is at 8:00 AM on the third Sunday of each month.    Back to Ministries Page

Secret Sisters Ministry: This ministry is an organized effort by the women of the congregation to promote mutual encouragement through letters and notes, and the occasional exchange of small gifts. This ministry provides opportunities for Christian women to express their feelings for one another, to rejoice with each other during good times, and to help each other carry their burdens during life's struggles.   Back to Ministries Page

Transportation Ministry: This ministry provides transportation to worship services, Bible classes, and other church-related activities for those who need and request such service.   Back to Ministries Page

Visitation/Care and Contact Ministry:  This ministry is overseen by the elders of the congregation and is coordinated by two deacons.  It is designed to primarily to provide spiritual care and encouragement to all members.  A special emphasis of the ministry is the encouragement of contact (by phone, card, or personal visit) with prospective members, newcomers to the community, absentees, inactive members, the sick, and members who are shut-in or in health care facilities.  Every member of the congregation is assigned to one of four teams, each with a group leader, communication coordinator, and food coordinator.  Each team meets one Sunday evening per month for assignments and communication.  Occasional team gatherings in the homes of members are designed to enhance the fellowship of the members of the church.    Back to Ministries Page






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